22 Nisan 2013 Pazartesi



Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs:

  1. Yesterday we _________(do) lots of things. We _________(have) classes and in the afternoon we _____________(play) games or _____________(look) for information on the Internet. We _____________(write) letters to our friends, we ____________(drink) orange juice and at 10.00 we ___________(go ) to bed.

  1. Last year Carol ____________(come) to my house. She ___________(teach) me English in the afternoon and then we ____________(drive) to the garden with my parents, and we _____________(eat) ice creams. One afternoon Carol _______(be)  playing in the garden when she __________(lose) her wallet. She ____________(look) everywhere but she _______________(not find) it, so she _____________(leave) Portugal in the next day.

  1. Last night I _____________(see) a bird in my garden. It ___________(fall) in the grass because it ___________(be) hurt. I _________(take) it home and I __________(give) it some food. The bird ____________(not drink) water.

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