29 Nisan 2013 Pazartesi

İstiklal Marşımızın İngilizcesi

    İstiklal Marşı

Fear not, receive eternal banner floating in the dawn
Without extinguishing the smoldering homeland over the last quarry
That is my nation, my star will shine!
She is mine, my nation, but it!

Collision, the victim am, O my coy crescent your face!
A rose is a hero to my race What this violence, this' Allah?
Not after you spilled our blood halal
Is right, the independence of my nation Hakk'a worshiperI have lived from time immemorial is free, free live;
Which would fetter me crazy? I'll be surprised!
I like the roaring flood, I will violate subparagraph, exceeds my
I tore the mountains, do not fit the engine, I ejected

If the steel armored wall of the west wind âfâkını
Serhaddim have full faith in my chest like
Nation, do not be afraid! How such a belief stifles,
'Medeniyyet! You're also the only remaining female monster?

Friends, my country can seem low and cautious;
Shield your body, let alone the influx of hayâsızca
I oversee va'dettiği days shine,
Who knows, maybe tomorrow, maybe sooner than tomorrow

When the sites 'land' as well pass, know!
Think of what lies beneath thousands kefensiz
Your martyred son, hurt, shame is, at one
Making, this lush land of the worlds alsa

Who is this paradise is not for the sake of the country that sacrifice?
If the soil frequently to flush Şühedâ, şühedâ!
Canine, cânânı, all you have to take my Hudak,
CUDA should not be the only home my world is me

Divine Rûhumun you, but the ambition is that:
're Worth ma 'na-bed private hands to my chest!
Sirius, the basis of religion-that-martyrs
I should be moaning at the top of the eternal homeland

Then you prostrate with thousands of ecstasy-if any-transport
Each cerîhamdan, Divine, and bloody divorce my age;
Gushing from the ground like the soul-I na'şım mücerred;
He starred as the value of time might raise my head!

O thou glorious crescent, such as fluctuations dawn!
You now have all my lawful bloodshed
I do not have forever, not my race izmihlâl;
Is right, freedom lived, my flag of freedom,
Is right, freedom of my nation Hakk'a worshiper!

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