4 Nisan 2014 Cuma

THE EVIL SORCERER İngilizce Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there lived a poor man in a country.His wife was 
as beautiful as a princess.They loved each other and they lived 
happily together.One day the most evil sorcerer of that counry saw 
the wife and fell in love with her. 
"She should be mine whatever the cost is" he decided. 
He made a vicious plan and he disguised himself as the woman's husband with the help of 
magic.His appearance was the same as the poor husband. 
He went to the poor man's house and shouted at the poor man "Go away from here.This is 
my house!".The poor man was shocked when he saw the sorcerer.His wife couldn't believe 
her eyes and couldn't decide which man was her real husband because the two men were 
identical.Suddenly the two men started fighting each other and the wife could hardly stop 
it.Then she took them to the oldest and the most clever man in the country.The two men 
accused each other of lying. 
The old man thought for a while and said "I should make sure who is telling the truth and 
then I'll make a decision.Can you see that chest over there? You two will carry it to the 
summit of that high mountain and take it back." 
There was a hidden man inside the chest.He was the wise man's friend.First the poor man 
took the chest on his back and started walking.He was really exhausted and started talking 
to himself."Oh,god! I am in a big trouble.This chest is very heavy but I should bear it in order 
not to lose my wife." 
After the poor man came,the evil sorcerer took the chest on his back and started walking.He 
murmured "What a heavy chest! No problem.I would do anything to take his wife.I would 
even do the most evil magic." 
When the sorcerer came back , the man in the chest told everything to the wise man.The 
wise man understood that the man was the evil sorcerer.He said "You both took the chest to 
the mountain and brought it back.We have a final test.Whoever can get into this little green 
bottle is the real husband." 
The poor man was really desperate and very sad.The evil sorcerer was over the moon.He 
thought "With a little magic I can get his wife".Suddenly he did some magic and entered the 
little green bottle.Before he could go out the wise man sealed the bottle so that the evil 
sorcerer couldn't escape. 
Finally the country was safe from the evil sorcerer forever.The poor man and his beautiful 
wife lived happily ever after. 

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