17 Ocak 2014 Cuma

3 Aptal Filmi İngilizce Özeti

t's a movie from India and it was made in 2009. You can think it's a comedy. But I'd rather think it's a tragedy showed in funny way. It's not a simple action or comedy movie, so it's very hard for us to know what this movie is talking about from the trailer. 
          The movie shows people how terrible the education is. Students can't really do the things they like and explore their value. The only thing they are thinking about is to be successful not valuable. When they were 
born, their parents help them develop a goal for the children's entire life. In this movie, all the parents want their children to become the greatest engineer in the world because engineers can earn lots of money especially good engineers. For example, the fat guy in the 3 "idiots"(I don't really know how to spell his name in English because the movie I watched is in Chinese subtitles.) likes taking photos. His real dream is to become a photographer, but his father force him to study in engineer. His grades is always stable because he is the worst one and no one competes with him. He can't focus on studying engineer because his favorite subject is photograph. There are many other examples show that how sad the education is. Most of the graduates just care about money, they don't really care about others, they don't really care about what the true love is.

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