24 Ekim 2013 Perşembe

İngilizce Meslek Tanıtımları Kısa

İngilizce Meslek Tanıtımları Kısa

Postman: A postman is a man. He delivers letters and parcels. He carries a big bag.

Farmer: A farmer is a man. He grows fruit and vegetables. He works on a farm. He has a lot of sheep and cows.

Nurse: A nurse is a woman. She looks after the patients in a hospital. She wears a uniform.

Hostess: An air hostess is a woman. She looks after the passengers on a plane. She is tall and thin.

Civil Engineer: A civil engineer is a man. He builds bridges and roads. He makes plan for buildings.

Barber: A barber is a man who cuts hair. He works in a shop. He has a lot of combs and scissors.

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